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At Robotriq, we understand the significance of automation in today’s fast-paced world. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge robotics solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From optimizing production processes to enhancing efficiency, we strive to transform your industrial operations.

We have strong partnerships with all major technology suppliers, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge robotics solutions tailored to your needs.


RobotriQ delivers high-value services and solutions, empowering customers to achieve greater value through advanced components, innovative technology, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in industrial design. As a one-stop solution provider, RobotriQ offers superior quality robots for all your automation needs.

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Description: Arc Welding Robots Are Designed For Precise And Efficient Welding Using Electric Arcs. They Utilize Welding Torches To Join Metal Parts Together.

Uses: They Are Widely Used In Automotive, Fabrication, And Metalworking Industries For Applications Like Welding Car Frames, Structural Components, And Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Industries: Automotive, Metalworking, Fabrication.

Description: Laser Cutting Robots Utilize High-Powered Lasers To Cut Through Materials With Accuracy And Speed, Providing Clean And Precise Cuts.

Uses: They Find Applications In Industries Such As Automotive, Aerospace, And Signage For Cutting Metal, Plastic, Wood, And Other Materials.

Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Signage.

Description: Spot Welding Robots Perform Spot Welding By Applying Localized Heat And Pressure To Join Metal Sheets Together.

Uses: They Are Extensively Used In The Automotive Industry For Welding Car Bodies, Frames, And Components.

Industries: Automotive Manufacturing.

Description: Handling Robots Are Designed For Material Handling Tasks, Including Picking, Placing, And Transferring Objects In Production And Logistics Environments.

Uses: They Can Be Utilized For Tasks Like Loading/Unloading, Packaging, And Moving Materials In Industries Such As Manufacturing, Warehousing, And Logistics.

Industries: Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehousing.

Description: Collaborative Robots, Also Known As Cobots, Are Designed To Work Alongside Humans In A Shared Workspace, Enabling Safe And Efficient Collaboration.

Uses: They Are Used In A Variety Of Industries For Tasks Like Assembly, Machine Tending, Quality Inspection, And Repetitive Tasks Where Human-Robot Cooperation Is Required.

Industries: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Electronics, Research.

Description: Press Handling Robots Are Utilized In Press Automation Applications To Handle And Manipulate Materials During The Stamping Or Forming Process.

Uses: They Assist In Loading/Unloading Materials Into Press Machines, Optimizing Production Efficiency And Safety.

Industries: Automotive, Metalworking, Manufacturing.

Description: Picking And Packing Robots Automate The Process Of Picking Items From One Location And Placing Them In Packaging Or Sorting Containers.

Uses: They Are Commonly Used In E-Commerce, Retail, And Logistics Industries To Increase Order Fulfillment Speed And Accuracy.

Industries: E-Commerce, Retail, Logistics.

Description: Biomedical Robots Are Designed For Various Applications In The Medical And Healthcare Fields, Including Surgical Assistance, Rehabilitation, And Diagnostics.

Uses: They Can Assist In Surgeries, Provide Therapy And Rehabilitation, And Aid In Diagnostic Procedures, Enhancing Healthcare Outcomes.

Industries: Medical, Healthcare.

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